Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mar 16

Yuito-kun, kanak-kanak terakhir yg masih lagi di evacuation center. Seronok melayan kerenah nakalnya. Selamat tinggal. Take care!
With Yuito-kun, the last remaining child at the evacuation center. His naughty antics kept us entertained during our stay there. Goodbye and take care!


  1. saya share beberapa petikan dari blog ini dii entry blog saya -->

  2. Do they need more volunteers in the area?

  3. Hi all, I'm Hadi and I'm managing this blog from Malaysia since Syahril's Internet connection is flaky in Sendai.

    Yatie - Yes, please do. By all means. Thank you for all the traffic you brought in from your blog. We appreciate it a lot. It helps us getting the message to people on how the people on the ground are coping with the disaster, something that's quite lacking in the mass media's coverage.

    German - Sendai is one of the worst hit areas with the tsunami leveling many of their infrastructures. I'm sure they would appreciate all the help they can get. If you are interested to help, you could try the links on the sidebar, and others across the web.

    Thank you again all.